Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane

If you are looking for first-rate pest and building inspection services, you've come to the right place. Here at BPI Brisbane, we are delighted by providing our customers the most professional, technologically advanced and impeccable services in the Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We concentrate not only at providing superior and exemplary inspections and services but also at providing exceptional customer service and satisfaction too!

Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane has been providing building and pest inspections and services like termite inspection and pre purchase building inspections for a long time now and we are known as one of the leading and best provider of this service in Australia. We are focused on furnishing our each and every client with expert services and absolutely independent Building and Pest Inspections including Pre Purchase Building Inspections and Termite Inspection in Brisbane, and take great pride in our reputation, being aware of the fact that more than 60% of all building and pest inspections we carry out have been recommended to us from our previous customers. Each Building and Pest Inspection is carried out by our insured and fully licensed building inspectors. Most of our building inspectors have years of experience in the building and pest inspections Brisbane industry.

Some of our noted and premium services provided by us at reasonable rates are:

Building Inspections Brisbane

Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane will help you in making a well informed choice in connection to the general and overall state of your home comparing your home to a property of similar construction and age.
BPI Brisbane carries out the termite inspection and pre purchase building inspections as per Australian Standards and will detail every single significant issues or potential problems and defects and security dangers to the property and will provide crucial recommendations for various remedial actions you ought to make to bring your property to the required adequate standard.

The Building and Pest Inspection Gold Coast is tailor-made to cover all areas of the property which provide reasonable access such as:
  • The interior
  • The exterior
  • The roof void
  • The roof exterior
  • The site

A complete Building Inspection Gold Coast Report by Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane assists you in making your purchase decision with the best detailed knowledge and professional advice of the over all condition of the building structure and property.

Pest and Termite Inspection Gold Coast
Termites are present everywhere in Brisbane. Is your home or the house you are buying is compromised and affected by termites? CSIRO reports suggests that termites attack 1 in every 5 Australian homes. They are one of the reasons of causing serious damage to homes costing property owners a huge amount of money in thousands of dollars in repairs and also resulting in the loss of resale value to homes that have a background of past damage.

BPI Brisbane focuses on determining the presence of wood destroying pests and insects, for example, termites, borers and decaying fungi and other organisms. We utilize different cutting edge technologies to help distinguish these insects notwithstanding the Australian Standard 4349.3-1998 and AS 3660 Inspection guides rules. The Termite Inspection by Building and Pest Inspections gold coast won't just detect and distinguish the insects and termites but also will provide you comprehensive maintenance plan to prevent your investment from any future attack. Our Termite inspections cost you a little amount of money and save you from any future expenditure on termite inspections.

Our Mission

Our mission at BPI Brisbane is to carry out efficient, high quality and superlative Pre Purchase Building inspections and also termite inspections.

We are committed to our clients by providing them detailed, understandable and accurate reports relating to building and pest inspections. These reports assist you, the purchaser in making the right decision while purchasing your property because we all are highly aware of the fact that purchasing a house is a big and rare investment and a very crucial decision that an individual will make in his life. So, Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane is present for making this decision easy for you by providing you all the informed choices and ensuring that your decision of making this investment is not affected by any structural and pest infection issues. Our help and confirmation regarding the building and pest inspection will save your increased expenses from any future termite attacks. If you carry out the process of building and pest inspections prior to your investment, it might be hugely beneficial to you in terms of finance and the resale value of your property.

The buildings inspections conducted by our building inspectors are of the highest quality and up to the mark with Australian Standards. We train our Building Inspectors to be friendly and highly professional people so that they are easy to work with clients and deliver highest possible customer satisfaction. Our main motto is to provide best services and customer satisfaction to our clients.

We make great efforts to bestow competitive prices to all our clients whilst delivering personal, and professional and detailed building inspection and pest inspection services. We firmly believe that taking the clients through each and every single detail of the reports is very important, providing all the facts relating to the property the client are looking to make an investment or purchase. Due to these facts only you have the option of making an informed decision along with the comfort of having the knowledge of any hidden costs providing you a strong position at the negotiating table.

Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane bestows a totally confidential and impartial Building & Pest Inspection service and does not believe in having any direct affiliation with pest control operators or real estate agents. As your independent Consultants we solely act for you to make sure that all rectification and diagnostic procedures are both cost effective and practical.

We strive to provide an extremely prominent service, subject to access to the property. The Reports can be sent you in various ways such as express post, email or may be faxed direct to you to avoid any kind of delays.

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