Building Inspection Brisbane

Building and Pest Inspection Brsibane
Building inspection process is performed to check the number of problems or defects are present in the property on which you are performing the inspection process. Being a reputed company known as building and pest inspection Brisbane we never take any of our client requests on granted basis but take it as our first priority to take their case and work on that to make him fully satisfied. Our main job lies in doing the full inspection of your house and finds the available defects or deficiencies that your house has within inside your house or may be outer side of the house. Our inspector’s are fully quailed for performing the inspection process and most importantly they are complying with the Australian standards for doing the process.

While the inspection is going on there is need for various types of equipments like pressure application, tapping, gauge meters, measurements, moisture meters, etc. These equipments are used to find for the defects and problems that a house has within. Building inspection includes all the area of building to get inspected by the qualified and specialist inspectors. Various areas are there where need is required more to do the inspection properly like the area where light is not present and it is under some wall. In this type of area there are more chances for presence of termites because these termites are present and grow where light is not present and moisture is present more. Other areas for inspection are foot inspection, frame inspection, handover inspection, stage inspections, etc.

The standard areas that are included by default in the process of building and pest inspection are like doing the inspection of property 30.m up to the main building, the exterior area of roof, building exterior area, the space in your property like sub floor space, and the interior portion of the building, also the area of roof, etc.

We provide main benefits to our clients by doing beneficial building inspection and the main points are:
  • We are the expert one to provide highly independent inspection service perform by expert inspectors to do the building and pest inspection.
  • We provide building and pest inspection services from one company.
  • We are ready to provide you the hand written reports within the time period of 24 hours or also we can e mail you the reports if you have email id.
  • We provide descriptive and clear report that user will easily understand.
  • We have experienced inspectors who believe in using the latest tools required to do the inspection process including the thermal imaging equipment.
  • We provide the report in which the suspected areas are mentioned about your property which will help you to later find and take necessary step to improve that area.